Our services

Our services


The Apolloni & Blom real estate agency has been operating successfully for many years on the Italian real estate market, but especially abroad. Over the years the agency has had the honor of selling luxury properties to international celebrities, focusing more and more on characteristic buildings, typical of our beautiful country, such as farmhouses, apartments of character in the historic center, farms, castles and villas.

Fundamental steps to acquire a property:

The FIRST CONTACT usually takes place via e-mail, the seller sending photographs and a brief description to give our staff an idea of the property that we will treat.

The SECOND STEP includes a visit by one of our consultants. On this occasion, a photographic service will be done at our expense and the non-exclusive assignment to the agency will be signed and agreed upon. It is therefore important that at the moment of our first visit the property will be ordered and cleaned in all its surroundings. It will also be the duty of the seller to hand over, at the time of the visit, a copy of the documentation of the house.


  • Date of construction and renovation of properties and list of building permits with cadastral plans of the state of affairs.
  • Cadastral map with the boundaries of the property highlighted if there is land or garden.
  • Certificate of practicability.
  • Visura.
  • Copy of the identity document of the owner (s) to be attached to the privacy form.
  • Act of origin.
  • Energy certificate or indication of the energy class and of the IPE.
  • Contact of the surveyor.
  • Certificate of conformity of the electrical system.
  • Certificate of conformity of the water and heating system.
  • Copy of the maintenance booklet of the boiler (s).

Once all the elements listed above are acquired, we proceed to insert the property on our website and on all our sales channels.

SERVICES of the agency such as: photo book, document acquisition, valuation of the property, presentation of the property sheet translated into English and Swedish, with its inclusion on all sales channels and periodic newsletters are totally FREE!

All properties acquired by us are treated in the same way and everyone is given the same visibility on the Italian and foreign markets.


The purchase of a property involves a research phase and the subsequent visit to the selected properties to then start the purchase process. Apolloni & Blom is committed to following the customer at every stage of the purchase and also later thanks to a network of professionals who can take care of your home.

  • Visits to selected properties with professional technicians who can evaluate the property for you and quantify any work to be done.
  • The Apolloni & Blom Agency undertakes to find the economic agreement between buyer and seller.
  • Drafting of the purchase proposal.
  • Drafting and registration of the preliminary sale and purchase agreement.
  • Assistance in applying for a mortgage.
  • Interpreting and translation service.
  • Complete assistance until the date of the Notarial deed.
  • Legal, technical and tax advice for the purchase.
  • Structural technical consultancy with possible expertise.
  • Advice for home insurance.


  • Contractual updating of the various utilities for electricity, gas, telephone, internet and sanitation.
  • Advice for interior design and furnishing.
  • Administrative and cadastral practices.
  • Assistance for planning, restructuring and restoration.
  • Design of gardens.

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