Azienda Olivicola Biologica del Colle, Pienza, Val d’Orcia – Toscana

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The original farmhouse structure dates back to year 1700; currently the country house of about 210 square meters is divided as follows: at the ground floor we find a double living room with kitchen, as well as three bedrooms and two bathrooms with shower, with one being an en-suite bathroom. This part of the house is currently used as a holiday home. An external staircase in stone and bricks, leads to nice porch on the upper floor, where we find another large apartment consisting of living room, dining area and kitchenette. The hallway leads to two bedrooms, a study and two bathrooms, with one of them being en-suite bathroom. The property includes an outbuilding to be renovated of about 35 sqm and approximately 3000 square meters of garden surrounding the house with a big old olive tree and two fig trees.
The olive oil is obtained exclusively from the olive harvest in the territory of Pienza, in the hills, where climatic conditions allows to obtain, a product of particular value. Besides the main house, the remaining surface of the property is approximately 160 sqm divided between two warehouses and a shed for keeping farm tools; furthermore we find a 70 sqm shed used as offices, for packaging, tasting and direct sale of food and agricultural products on the property. The total land is about 10 hectares (25 acres), of which 85,000 square meters are olive grove with a total of 4,000 trees, and the remaining 15,000 square meters are forest and the garden surrounding the house. The company produces extra virgin olive oil with D.O.P. Terre di Siena and the Tuscan IGP certifications, all of which guarantee the product’s quality and characteristics. For the cultivation an organic method is being used, without the use of synthetic chemicals, consequently respecting the environment and nature.
The olive harvest is done at an early stage, thus obtaining a more intense and fruity flavoured oil, pleasant on the palate and good for the general health. In fact, at this stage of ripening there is a higher content of antioxidants and vitamins in the olives. The farm has no machinery.

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Where: Pienza, Province: Siena, Region: Tuscany.

Type: Organic olive-growing company with two warehouses and agricultural shed; approx. 160 square meters.

Land: organic olive grove with 4,000 olive trees in production and 5,000 square meters of woodland; approx. 8.5 hectares.

Outbuilding: shed with offices, and for the packing, tasting and sale of the produce; approx. 70 square meters.


Organic olive-growing company with two warehouses and shed.

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Val d'Orcia