Local partners

Local partners

We have built up a network of professional business contacts, who will help you in a pleasant and professional manner. Everything you will need to know in order to start with La Dolce Vita in Italy.

Project manager for renovation

Our project manager speaks fluent English, Danish and Italian. Skilled in construction matters,  can be your project manager on site, taking in quotes with fixed prices and ensure their compliance. He is also your man on the spot when it comes to contacts with Geometras/Building Surveyors and authorities.


A Geometra is an architect and structural engineer. The Geometra handles all contacts with the community and authorities with regard to construction issues. The Geometra advices on the possibilities to implement construction, drawing support and maintain regular contact with the municipality. We work with various Geometras in different municipalities, then there are local interpretations of regulations. Contact us for the latest information through a conveyancing Lawyer.


Our lawyer speaks English, and is a conveyancing lawyer who specializes in real estate.


Our auditor speaks English. He can help with such matters as tax issues and starting an Italian company.

Bank Contact

You need an Italian bank account before buying your property in Italy, This is in order to transfer the deposit and agency fee. It is not easy to open an account in an Italian bank when you are not a resident, but we can help you with this in a quick and easy way. We also help you to start a direct debit system for electricity and gas bills.


We can recommend tradesmen that we have experience with and trust. Quite often they speak very little English, but we recommend our project leader is your voice, for best results.

To rent your property

We know several landlords of apartments, which can help you get your property rented if you wish. There is always high demand in summer, a rental company charges typically 15% commission.


We work with two gardeners who have there own nurseries. They can give you tips and advice, or schedule a visit to discuss options and plant your entire garden. I myself chose the latter option.

Language School

See page To speak or not speak Italian

Wine making

If you are interested in having your own vineyard we have many contacts that can provide advice on winemaking.


Would you like to learn about Italian food, we can recommend restaurants that organize cooking classes. Medieval cooking is a must to learn!