The smallest trattoria in Italy serves wonderful home cooked food. I would even say that the Autogrill along the highway serves good food.

Much time and attention is devoted to your food. Only local and fresh ingredients should be used. Food is an institution, a way of life. Something you are proud of.

The most simple homely fare is served at the Osteria and Trattoria. The difference may be that the trattoria has a wider choice of menu. A Primi, or pasta, can cost between 3 to 4 euros. A liter of wine 5 euros. Often they also serve pizza.

A Ristorante has higher class cusine, and serves local delicacies to entice you. Usually it is best to be guided by the owner on how to compose a meal. And what wine to choose. An evening with antipasto or Primo, Secondo, contorno, Dolce Vino, Aqua, Café Grappa a costs between 30-40 euros per person. For this the food is of a high standard, as well as a fine wine.

There is no requirement that you must leave a tip. But obviously you can if you think that the meal deserves a little extra something.

Antipasto – Appetizer.
Primo – Pasta, risotto or polenta.
Secondo – Main course, as always, without accessories, which are called contorni and ordered separately.
Contorno – Accessories for the main dish as vegetables, potatoes, salad.
Dolce – Dessert.
Coperto – Cover charge, usually 1.50 to 3 euros.