Villino il Liberty, Castiglione del Lago – Umbria

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For sale On the main border between Umbria and Tuscany, stunning farmhouse with Art Nouveau Villa and outbuildings. On the banks of Montepulciano Lake wich is a natural reserve where nature is still untouched and preserved. The belvedere terrace, situated between the villa and the private woodland overlooks the Val di Chiana with panoramic views on the landscape and sunset. The old farmhouse of approx. 190 sqm is dating from the nineteenth century, it was recently restored and features the typical umbrian style. It is divided into 4 apartments, two of them for people with a handicap. Not far from the farmhouse is a brick house of approx. 115 sqm. with three bedrooms, living room with kitchen area and two bathrooms. This house is completely independent and surrounded by greenery. The property is heated in the winter by three pellet stoves (two of them in the villa) a fireplace, gas radiators and solar system for warm water. The house has a private garden with a barbecue area. In addition to the farmhouse and the house there is a very acctractive villa in late art nouveau style with a fabulous internal stone stair case, adorned with a wrought-iron balustrade. The villa is on three floors with a tower, totaling approx 170 sqm. A swimming pool, an outbuilding with large living room, 5 hectares (12 acres) land with garden, vineyard, vegetable garden and woodland and two wells complete the property. The unique natural setting, the amenity of the place with the lake near by the most beautiful cities of central Italy, are just some of the highlights of the property.

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Where: Municipality of Castiglione del Lago, Province: Perugia, Region: Umbria.

Type: Farmhouse with Art Nouveau villa and outbuildings; approx. 540 sqm.

Conditions: Restored.

Garden: Private.

Land: 5 hectares (12 acres) woodland.

Outbuilding: Three outbuildings a garage a big living room with fireplace of approx. 60 sqm.

Swimming pool: 6x12 mt with playground.

Well: Two private wells.

Garage: Covered.


Basement Art Nouveau villa:


Ground Floor Art Nouveau villa:

Dining room,




First Floor Art Nouveau villa:

Two bedrooms,



Second Floor Art Nouveau villa:



Third Floor Art Nouveau villa:


Ground Floor Farmhouse apartment 1:

Living room with kitchen area,

Two bedrooms with en suite bathroom;

Ground Floor Farmhouse apartment 2:

Living room with kitchen area,



First Floor Farmhouse apartment 3:

Living room with kitchen area,



First Floor Farmhouse apartment 4:

Living room with kitchen area,



Basement House:

Utility room,






Ground Floor House:


Living room with kitchen area,

Two bedrooms,


Bedroom with en suite bathroom.

Distance from amenities: 4 km.

Distance from main airports: Roma Fiumicino 165 km, Perugia 60 km, Pisa 200 km.

Dirt road: No.


Fixed telephone line: available.

Wifi: Disponibile.

Heating: Gas heaters, pellet stoves, solar panels for hot water.

Water supply: city water supply.

Electric power: available.

Energy Efficiency Rating: G

Floor Plans

Location description

Castiglione del Lago

Comune Castiglione del Lago, Province Perugia, Region Umbria. Castiglione del Lago, located in the path of the most beautiful villages in Italy, extends in the north-western Umbria, is bordered by the Tuscan provinces of Arezzo and Siena and is the capital of the district of Lake Trasimeno. Various are the outings: that of art, e.g., because we are in the lands of Perugino and Pinturicchio, but also of other great teachers, and the architecture, with a truly imposing presence in the territory of dozens of castles, manors and fortresses. Remarkably interesting is the gastronomic journey: this is the area of the Colli del Trasimeno wines, but also close to that of the Chianti, in the heart of the Sienese hills: about tens minutes from Montepulciano and its Nobile di Montalcino and its Brunello unsurpassed, long considered one of the five best wines in the world. Equipped beaches, surfing, sailing school, swimming pool, tennis courts, bird watching at Oasis Valley in Polvese Island, declared a scientific-educational Park. Lovers of relaxation will find a wide choice of Spas that are just a short time and offer every type of treatment, both therapeutic and aesthetic or simply relaxing. Castiglione del Lago is close to the major cities of art in Central Italy such as Montepulciano, Chianciano, Pienza, and San Quirico d'Orcia. Distances: Rome 180 km, Florence 130 km, Siena 70 km, Arezzo 50 km, Perugia 45 km, Orvieto 60 km, Gubbio 85 km, Todi 85 km, Spoleto 80 km, Marmore Falls 110 km, Chianciano 30 km, Pienza 50 km, Cortona 20 km. In less than half an hour drive you can be in Perugia, Assisi, Cortona, and Arezzo. In one hour you are in Siena, Florence, or Orvieto. Rome is just a couple of hours drive and is easily connected by rail. How to get there: Highway (A1) Florence-Rome: Coming from Florence via the A1: Exit at Val di Chiana. Take the slip road to Perugia - Bettolle and exit at Castiglione del Lago, then take the SS 71 towards Castiglione del Lago-Chiusi. Coming from Rome on the E45 Terni-Cesena in Ponte San Giovanni, take the highway “Perugia - Bettolle”. Exit at Magione and turn left to Chiusi - Castiglione del Lago Coming from Rome on the A1: exit Chiusi - Chianciano Terme. Take the SS 71 towards Castiglione del Lago. Railway Milan-Florence-Rome: Station of Castiglione del Lago, Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, or Terontola with connecting bus. Railway Ancona-Foligno-Terontola: Terontola with connecting bus. Bus: Connections with Perugia and the surroundings area. Boat trip on Lake Trasimeno: APM service line to the islands.