Casale le Chiuse, Orvieto – Umbria

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For sale – stone farmhouse with natural pool, garden and breathtaking views on Lake Corbara. The farmhouse was fully refurbished in 2002 and has typical terracotta floors, open-beamed ceilings, arches and large stone fireplaces. Internally we find spacious, light spaces, large reception rooms, a spacious kitchen with wood-fired oven and porch, and bedrooms of which two with balcony and an attic with sitting area and fireplace. On the first floor, we find an apartment with large living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and bathroom. Surrounding the house is a garden with terraces enjoying panoramic views over the lake. The pool is a stone basin filtered naturally by water plants. The property includes 9 hectares (22 acres) of land with woodland and olive grove with a total of 125 olive trees, an artesian well with tank for the collection of rain water from the roof used for irrigation and a carport. Access to the property is gained via an unpaved road of 750 mt and is located at only 1.5 km from services.

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Where: District of Baschi, Province: Terni, Region: Umbria.

Type: Farmhouse with panoramic lake-views, natural pool and land; approx. 350 sq.m.

Land: 9 hectares (22 acres) with olive grove.

Swimming pool: Pool with natural filters.


Basement floor, 30 sq.m:



Ground floor:

Living room with fireplace,

Dining room,

Kitchen with fireplace,

Pantry laundry,



Two bathrooms;

First floor:

Living room,

Bedroom with sitting area and fireplace;


Living room with kitchenette,

Two bedrooms,


LPG heating,

Pellet stoves and open fireplaces.

Energy Efficiency Rating: F

Floor Plans

Location description


Comune Orvieto, Provincia Terni, Regione Umbria. Orvieto in central Umbria is located on an isolated hard rock, whose vertical walls are partly natural, partly artificial. Under the town is a labyrinth, which was for a long time a secret, of excavated caves, probably built by noble families who used them as secret passages in the event that the city would be attacked or besieged. Orvieto is a beautiful old town with many small streets to discover. Its cathedral is renowned and the food as well. The surrounding area has several national parks and by the Trasimeno and Bolsena lakes there are opportunities for swimming and sailing. If you feel a bit sportier, there are several rivers in the area for canoeing and swimming. The city is located about halfway between Rome and Florence, you can take the train both cities, which takes about an hour. From the railway station you can take the cable car up to the old Orvieto if you do not feel like a hearty walk. Getting here: By car: Autostrada A1, exit at Orvieto By train: From Rome or Milan and get off at the station Orvieto. To get up to the old town takes the cable car. By air: The nearest airports are in Rome, Florence, Perugia and Pisa.