Casale il Girasole, tra Siena e Arezzo – Toscana

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PORTION OF FARMHOUSE DIVIDED INTO APARTMENTS. Characteristic portion of farmhouse realized in stone and brick, with pool and garden in a quiet hamlet, on a hilltop between Siena and Arezzo. The farmhouse of approx. 566 square meters has been divided into 6 apartments, all in the typical rustic Tuscan style with ceilings with wooden beams, terracotta floors and fireplaces. The apartments are tastefully furnished and well finished with wooden shutters and wrought iron grates. At an altitude of about 500 meters, cool breezes will keep the house comfortable even during the warm and sunny Tuscan summer afternoons. From the farmhouse you are greeted with lovely views overlooking the Chianti hills and the underlying Valdambra. The strategic location allows you to easily reach some of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany and Umbria. The property may also be an attractive investment as a B&B. A paved road flows down into the valley and makes it easily accessible to the main services, characteristic Tuscan restaurants, supermarkets, banks and post offices.

It is possible to purchase the apartments separately.

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Where: Between Siena and Arezzo, Region: Tuscany.

Type: Portion of farmhouse with pool and garden, divided into apartments; approx. 566 sqm.

Conditions: Renovated, with insulated roof.

Garden: private garden of 687sqm.

Pool: panoramic pool measuring 17.50x8 meters surrounded by lawn and bordered off by a characteristic stone and brick wall.

Parking: external yard.


Ground floor – Apartment 1, approx. 116 sqm:


Living room with terrace,


Two bedrooms,

Three bathrooms


First floor – Apartment 2, approx. 153 sqm:



Living room,


Two bedrooms,

Two bathrooms;

Ground floor – Apartment 3, approx. 68 sqm:

Living room with kitchenette,

Two bedrooms,


First floor – Apartment 4, approx. 58 sqm:

Living room with kitchenette,




Ground floor – Apartment 5, approx. 108 sqm:

Entrance and common curt,


First floor:

Living room with kitchenette,


Second floor:

Two bedrooms,


Basement – Apartment 6, approx. 63 sqm:

Living room with kitchenette,

Bedroom with walk-in closet,


Distance from services: approx. 7 km.

Distance from main airports: Airport of Amerigo Vespucci - Firenze Peretola (approx. 92 km), Airport of Roma - Fiumicino (approx. 245 km), Airport of Perugia (approx. 106 km), Airport of  Pisa - Galileo Galilei (approx. 146 km).

Dirt road: no.


Fixed telephone line: available.

Wi-fi: available.

Electric grid: provided.

Energy Efficiency Rating: G

Floor Plans

Location description


Siena was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. No other city manages to keep its medieval cultural and civil heritage alive like Siena. Siena organises over 600 events a year, often of extraordinary high quality, such as summer music festivals and important exhibitions. In addition to this, Siena boasts excellent craftsmanship, local traditions, food and wine.