Appartamento Il Cosmo, Città della Pieve – Umbria

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One single metropolitan space located inside the city walls of the charming Città della Pieve. Spacious and elegant, measuring approx. 260 square meters. The living area totals approx. 200 square meters, which was refurbished in 2007 by a renown Israeli architect, who designed this fascinating property as one large, open plan space, nevertheless granting the necessary privacy to certain sections of the living area. Particular attention was paid to detail seamlessly integrating these with everyday needs, in fact, it are these small details allow the space to be modelled to one’s personal needs. The perfect combination of materials, which unite innovation and tradition, together with many eye-catching features, such as the particular use of colours, the modern amenities guaranteeing comfort, the appeal of the original, recovered stone walls, the typical wooden beams, make this captivating loft truly one of a kind. The windows look out over the valley and the hamlet, a panorama recalling other times. The heating system is independent, and the boiler is located in the attic, currently merely used as utility room, but it could be converted for a variety of other uses if restored. It measures approx. 64 square meters and is easily accessed from the living area. On the ground floor, we also find a storage space of approx. 17 square meters.

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Where: Citta della Pieve, Province: Perugia, Region: Umbria.

Type: Attic open space on the second floor and mezzanine; approximately 260 square meters plus storage space on the ground floor.

Storage space: on the ground floor, approx. 17 square meters.

Energy Rating: G

Floor Plans

Location description

Città della Pieve

Municipality Città della Pieve, Province Perugia, Region Umbria. Città della Pieve is a medieval town located on a hill dominating the Chiana Valley and Trasimeno Lake, at the border between Umbria and Tuscany, not far from Lazio. The stunning views have inspired the landscapes painted by its greatest native son, Pietro Vannucci, known as "Il Perugino", as well as teacher of the great painter Raphael. You find many delicious restaurants, as well as bars, shops and main services. The Lamborghini Golf Club is a 15 minutes drive. At 20 minutes there is also a spa pool at the Spa Resort in San Casciano dei Bagni with 38o in the hot springs. The town is very lively and very interesting; it offers events year-round - exhibitions, concerts, fairs, and festivals. Shops, eight restaurants and cafes are in Città della Pieve. Although municipal offices and universities. Many excursions in the surroundings: Small towns on the mountainsides and hills; Panicale, Montegabbione, Paciano, Piegaro, Cetona, Monteleone d’Orvieto. Most of them with their own events, and concerts in the summer. Major medieval towns, Chiusi, Cortona, Castiglione del Lago. All with many shops and restaurants, as well as a market on different days of the week. Florence, Perugia and Siena are naturally in a class by themself, with history and museums. Do not miss the Palio horse race in Siena. How to get here: By car: the autostrada A1 Rome – Florence – from north exit Chiusi-Chianciano Terme (15 km) or from south Fabro (17 km). By train: Station Chiusi-Chianciano Terme on the Napoli - Rome - Milan line. By air: Sant'Egidio Airport in Perugia is 50 minutes drive. Rome with Ciampino and Fiumicino is under 2 hours drive. Other airports are Pisa and Florence.