Towns and villages

Towns and villages

Here we will continually update with descriptions of some of the places where our homes are.

Città della Pieve

This bustling little college town is located high on the hills near Chiusi. Città della Pieve has kept the culture alive through it’s popular college, and therefore an intellectual and cultural folklore. An example of this is the café “Café degli Artisti”, where every week there are concerts, art openings and lectures. Ask the barista Cesare about his cocktail skills! Most people come here for a cafe, gelato or just to watch football. A little further away is the innovative “Bistro del Duca”, a restaurant operated with great charm and skill by Cristian. They provide new dining experiences each week, the menu is read out at the table, in summer it is best on the terrace with magnificent views of the sunset in Tuscany. Another must in this charming little town is “Serenella’s”. Semi-finished products need not apply, here everything is cooked from scratch and served by Serenella and her family. Even the grandkids help after school with all the espressos that are going out for dinner guests. After just a few visits, you are a frequent guest, and also part of the family …

Residents in Città della Pieve have many festivals, one of the biggest is “Infiorata” flower festival. The streets are lined with giant floral patterns, motifs from both the traditional culture as well as popular culture, all this while tasting the wines and delicacies made from local producers from around the area.


This beautiful little town from the 1200s offers four bars and seven churches, Situated half a mile up the hillside with breathtaking views of Lake Trasimeno. In particular, we recommend “Masolino’s,” his homemade soft gnocchi with truffle sauce is heavenly, a local specialty. The historical experience is compact, the small streets that can accommodate only 400 people always has an old world feeling. A real gem.

Please read about the Swedish media’s visit to the city:

Collini Trasimeni

This area has a separate advantage, lake views in two directions! When you drive along road towards Lago di Chiusi the lake glitters in the Tuscany sunshine, to the west you have Lake Trasimeno. All nestled in the rolling greenery of the sunflower, melon plantations and olive groves. The area is a traditional agricultural landscape with ample opportunities to experience the “slow food” and the locality is on the doorstep. The neighbors are usually inquisitive and generous, do not be surprised if they come by with food to welcome those who recently moved to the village.