The Culture

The Culture

A more dense cultural area than Tuscany and Umbria are hard to find.

In southern Tuscany and Umbria, the Etruscans once lived, long before the Roman Empire. Their remnants pop up when plowing or digging in this area. Chiusi is privileged to have two Etruscan museums.

Florence, Siena and Perugia are the Renaissance jewels, with all that entails in terms of architecture, atmosphere and museums.

Tuscany and Umbria, of course, has its own cuisine, everything is regional in this country. Italy has only existed as a unified country since 1861. The first king could not even speak Italian! They chose a Florentine dialect as the national language because the Italian literary giant Dante came from Florence.

Even the hundreds of celebrations and festivals which take place in summer often reflect the diverse and colourful local history.