Spa and hot springs

Spa and hot springs


Anyone interested in visiting a spa resort has several options to choose from. Terme di Chianciano offers swimming in hot springs, located up in the Tuscan hills near Chianciano Terme. There are both traditional clay and Bath treatments for face and body, as well as access to doctors and custom baths according to your needs. The facility has a good informative website, available in multiple languages.

Another Spa Fonteverde Spa, also located in Tuscany, San Casciano dei Bagni south of Chiusi. You can stay at the hotel, combined with the spa visit. The resort offers soothing massage bath, swimming pool with spectacular views, guided tours of the natural area, as well as doctors who can determine what your body needs nutrition wise, exercise wise and in the case of relaxation to feel as good as possible. The website is available both in Italian and English. It is also entirely free to go out and get involved in rock pools in the wild under San Casciano dei Bagnis Centro Storico. Recommended always, but especially a chilly January day. Please bring a small Pranzo, lunch, and a good wine.

Swimming pools

To enjoy even when the weather is at its warmest, you may want to know where the nearest municipal swimming pool is located! There are several places to choose from:


Around Magione are several options to choose from, including

  • Zocco Beach, Via Gandhi, 37 of San Feliciano. Admission costs 5 euros, tel  +39-075.840 00 39, or
  • Il Giardino, Via del Lavoro in Torricella. This facility can be reached at tel 3,923,209,985, or
  • Even Panicale offers swimming at Parco Divertimento Acquatico, an amusement water park, in Tavernelle.