Podere Pievese, Città della Pieve - Umbria

For renovation is this farmhouse built in the mid-eighteenth century, the period of the reclamation of the Val di Chiana. It has features more "grand" than the structures of this period as it has, in addition to the ground floor and first floor there is attic space and characteristic of the period, oval windows. The property is located in an area not too hilly, but still raised above the ground level. The main body of the building is of rectangular design and was built to be inhabited as opposed to be used as storage. Mainly built with slabs of stone and the layout of the rooms is very ordinary. On the north side there is a canopy covering a small area where there is a wood stove. On the south side of the building, leaning against the building, is a structure used as a stable. It has a vaulted ceiling and the gable roof is supported by arches of considerable size. Also on the south side there are detached stalls. The walls of the main building are of brick and stone. The remaining buildings are made of brick only. The preservation of the property is not good: some portions of the roof have collapsed thus causing portions of the floor below to disintegrate.

Price: 399,000 EUR