Hamlet with Ancient Abbey, Florence - Tuscany

Hamlet with ancient Abbey for sale in Florence, Tuscany. Beautiful and ancient complex, rich in history and charm, nestled on the hills that dominate the entire Mugello valley, along the Via degli Dei, a renowned path that connects Bologna and Florence. Important Medicean Abbey rich in history and art, where there are remains of ancient cloisters, with beautiful columns and fifteenth-century capitals, the ancient barrels and tools used by the monks for the production and storage of wine and oil are still present. We have news of it since the year 1.084, built, according to legend, by Count Ugo of Tuscany, who lost himself in those woods, would have vowed to erect it if he had been saved. It was entrusted to the Cluniac Benedictine communities first and then to the Cistercians. Belonging to the Medici family for many centuries and generations, at the beginning of the 18th century the monastery was completely restored by Grand Duke Cosimo III, who entrusted it to a community of Trappists, and the first "Trappa" was founded in Buonsollazzo or "Buonsolatio". 'Italy, to reach the last times, when the Camaldolese established a college in the Abbey, in which several generations of monks received their first training. The name "Buonsollazzo" derives from the Latin bonum solacium or "Buonsolatio" which expresses good exposure to the sun.The Abbey has a main building of approximately 3,200 sqm where there is the ancient church, the monks' lodgings, as well as rooms for processing and monastic daily life.Adjacent to the main body there are various outbuildings for a total of about 2,500 sqm (26909,78 sqf), there is also an ancient and suggestive underground passage that connects the abbey with one of the adjacent annexes. Owned land of about 54 hectares (133,40 acres) of woodland and arable land.The entire property lends itself very well, through an important and careful restoration, both to a sumptuous private residence and to an impressive and suggestive extra-luxury accommodation facility.

Price: 2,750,000 EUR