Our services

Our services

We help you to deal price of property.

Our team maid of: building engineers, architects, gardener, real estate lawyers, accountant, bank contacts, will support you by giving the best support.

When you by a property in Italy or a car you need a Codice Fiscale (Italian fiscale code). We thake care of this registering it.

Wa can help you opening an italian bank account and trace land survey documents.

A local notary will check the property you are buying comparing it with the Land Registery details. He checks the real ownership and that any easements are correct. The notary prepares the sales contract, and records it with the authorities.

By law, the notary read the entire contract to the selling and buying parties, who subsequently sign. A witness is always present. If any party does not speak Italian, the contract is translated into English. The contract may in some cases contain many attachments, and it can sometimes be more convenient to give a proxy to an Italian-speaking, that translates the contract at the Notary, and then signs for you.

We also arrange:

  • Registration of gas connection
  • Registration of water supply
  • Registration of electricity supply
  • Connection of telephone, Internet
  • Help with the establishment of direct debit for payment of gas, electricity and water

After the purchase, we offer:

  • Supervision of the property when you are away
  • Lettings/rental of the property

We can also arrange events for friends and family:

  • Cooking Course
  • Wine Tasting
  • Assist in the olive picking (in November)
  • Assist in winemaking (September)
  • Horse Riding
  • Hunting
  • Sailing

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