Villa d’Arbia, Chianti Castelnuovo Berardenga – Toscana

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Farmhouse used as accommodation property composed by two farmhouses surrounded by a private garden with pool. The property has a rich in history, starting from the fourteenth century tower build originally as a watchtower. The two wings were built in later times and housed guards of the nearby castle. The property is nestled in the fascinating landscape of Chianti with its rolling hills declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the apartments spread between the two houses there is a laundry room, a large room where to buy and taste the products from the land and a warehouse. The renovation of the entire complex has respected and preserved the typical character of Tuscan farmhouses with terracotta floors and wooden beam ceiling. A well-kept park surrounds the houses. Belonging to the property there is about 26 hectares (64 acres) of land, of which 4.5 hectares (11 acres) are vineyards with the possibility to increase if needs be, and partly olive grove with 150 trees in production. The property can be reached by 1.5 km of gravel road.

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Where: Castelnuovo Berardenga, Province: Siena, Region: Tuscany.

Type: Farm composed of two farmhouses, swimming pool and garden; Main house approx. 420 sqm + two level outbuilding of sqm 140.

Conditions: Ready to live in.

Garden: Private.

Land: Approx. 26 ha (64,2 acres), of which 4,5 ha (11 acres) is vineyard with option to increase, and 150 olive trees.

Pool: Located in between the two houses and thermal source.

Outbuilding: Two level outbuilding of sqm 140.

Parking space: Not covered.


Main house on two levels; sqm 420.

Apartment 1 – Ground Floor: Living room with kitchenette; First Floor: Bedroom, Bathroom; Mezzanine: Hallway; Second Floor: Study, bedroom with en suite bathroom.

Apartment 2 – Ground Floor: Living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom.

Apartment 3 – Ground Floor: Living room with kitchenette; First Floor: Three bedrooms, bathroom.

Apartment 4 – First Floor: Living room with kitchenette and fireplace, bedroom, hallway, bathroom.

Apartment 5 – First Floor: Living room with kitchenette and fireplace, loggia, pantry, bedroom, hallway, bathroom; Second Floor: Bedroom, hallway, bathroom.

Ground Floor: Office, storeroom, bathroom, exhibition and sale of farm produce.

Two level outbuilding of sqm 140:

Apartment 6 - Ground Floor: Living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms with en suite bathroom.

Apartment 7 - First Floor: Living room with kitchenette, one bedroom with en suite bathroom, two bedrooms, hallway, bathroom.

Distance from amenities: 5 km.

Distance from main airports: Pisa 160 km, Roma 240 km, Firenze 97 km, Perugia 90 km.

Gravel road: 1,5 km.


Fixed telephone line: Available.

Wi-Fi: Available.

Heating: Available.

Water supply: Available.

Electric power: Available.

Energy Efficiency Rating: G

Floor Plans

Location description


Siena was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. No other city manages to keep its medieval cultural and civil heritage alive like Siena. Siena organises over 600 events a year, often of extraordinary high quality, such as summer music festivals and important exhibitions. In addition to this, Siena boasts excellent craftsmanship, local traditions, food and wine.